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Finecosoft Company offers software custom development services in the various business areas. Our basic principles:

  • Full realization of customer's requests within a reasonable time and for reasonable cost
  • High quality of delivered products and detailed testing them prior to implementation and operation
  • Transparent pricing of project budget for customers and clear idea of ​​what they pay for
  • Transparency of a project for customer and the openness of the project data for their representatives
  • Agile feedback to any customer's requests and flexible adaptation of the development efforts taking into account the possible correction of initial requirements by customer during the project
  • Continuous reduction of the time expenses for software development based on the use of specialized solutions, "best practices" and best world approaches

We use the unified development process based on the effective agile principles. It allows us effectively use our own and customer resources, as well as our large experience which we got in earlier software development projects. Our interaction with clients is based on the basic approaches which helps us successfully compete in the market with other software development companies - offer less expensive products and services, while maintaining the high quality and speed in achieving the goals of the project when creating software.

Our certified specialists own extensive experience and skills. We are responsible for all the results of our work and strive to the full implementation of the requests from each customer. We can send certificates of our specialists confirming their high level of skills, if necessary.

Finecosoft Company is located in Moscow (Russian Federation). Our customers are big Russian and European organizations. We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation in all regions of the world in accordance with local standards and laws.

We Can


  • Develop custom software and complex software systems for automation of business processes for an entire organization or for single business tasks, build custom software for any purposes. During software development progects, our main goal is full implementation of customer's requests. We strive do software projects efficiently, within a reasonable time and with low expenses and costs. Providing RFP (Request For Proposal) or similar formal requests by a customer can significantly help us in providing primary evaluation of the project budget, but if even it's absent, we are always ready help to customer in formulation of its requests in the necessary formal way.
  • Integrate existing or legacy software systems into a single information space that will provide a clear and reliable data synchronization between the systems. In this way, you can minimize the number of required commercial licenses for third-party software, minimize the expenses for training the personnel to work in a variety of software products, etc.
  • Provide consulting in the area of information technology, organize internal software development, assist in adaptation and implementation of the formal software development methods and processes, as well as deploy flexible approaches to the development with small and medium-sized teams. We focus both on the known technologies and worldwide brands (IBM Rational, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft, etc), and on the open technologies and publically available management systems (Atlassian JIRA, Redmine, SVN, GIT, etc). We can also organize an audit of the current software development level in organization and evaluate the quality of processes automation. Based on the results, we will offer an optimal way to improve the efficiency of the existing software development processes.
  • Provide training in the diverse areas of information technologies and software development in our Training Center "Institutio". As well, we can prepare specific training programs by customer's request.
  • Provide IT-maintenance services for organizations, provide planning of IT-infrastructure based on customer's requirements and deploy it afterwards.
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Training and certification center in the information technology area (IT).

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