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Finecosoft Company develops custom software in diverse business domains. Our projects can be provided for banking, education, manufacturing, oil and chemical industries, automation of services, medicine, defense industry, etc. We have great experience in developing software solutions of different types such as:

Building the software solutions, Finecosoft uses large experience accumulated in the company for many years. Usually, we are oriented for starting our projects based on existing Open Source solutions and adapting them under customer requests. Often, we apply complexes of Open Source solutions which needed to be integrated to each other, as well as develop additional modules and products if they re absent in the initial solutions. This approach allows significantly reduce the value of project budget, decrease the expensions of customers for development, make less the project cost and increase the quality of results.

We use iterative approach developing software in Finecosoft. This approach is built based on Agile standards - flexible mix of such famous methodologies as Scrum and XP-Programming. Here, Scrum gives us the iterative principles of project management (Product Backlog) and iteration planning (Sprint Backlogs). XP-Programming gives us accentuating on architecture development, permanent refactoring for enhancing the code, regression testing and short iterations.

Finecosoft follows to next mandatory positions developing software products:

  • Tendency to achieve high quality taking into account all initial and changing customer requests during the project
  • Establishment of effective interaction with the customer, ensuring maximum and continuous control over the project from customers
  • Iterative approach in software development for effective tracing the project status all over the project runs, guaranting product delivery and feedback as early as possible
  • Effective software development process with effective process automation and transparency, reaching for high level of control over the developers activities
  • Documenting the project results allowing receive products which customers can use at any time on their own

When we develop software, the customer's representatives communicate only with our project managers without need to contact with single developers. You need only to define your requests and agree about them with a project manager, and the manager will organize all the work of software development team. He will control the activities and give you access to the project status reports and the product itself.

Our main accent in software development is not to do a single project only. Our main accent is more global - do the project itself and give you really useful product, and continue collaboration with you in future, may be in a new project. We are always ready to response to any your requests and realize them to the maximum!

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