Synchronizer Business Values

System Synchronizer can give you next business values:

  • Organize the common information space in the company combining individuals into effective business process, controlled at different levels. It must be mentioned that we understand under companies not only single offices but also global distributed communities with multi offices structure.
  • Saving costs when accepting licenses of integrating solutions if your specialists should operate in different business systems. Working in diverse systems, any employee consumes two licenses at least that can be very expensive. But if you integrated those systems with the help of System Synchronizer so you will get significant economy because our solution consumes only one license of an external system for any number of users.
  • Reducing requirements to employee's skills because they need only be masters in a separate system but not in all. If an employee added the data into a single system then System Synchronizer will automatically create or update the linked data in the rest of systems.
  • Increasing the productivity of employees because they don't need anymore jump between different systems, especially if the systems have diverse user interfaces resulting in to time and money losses.
  • Reducing the routine and mistakes based on human factor if you need support duplicated data in different systems. System Synchronizer adds the data as you need and will automatically support the data integrity in accordance to pre-defined synchronization rules. And in case of any network failures, the synchronization data can be re-sent after restoration of network operability. Another word, the data will be saved in any case!
  • Achievement of highest infomation security and safety when you need integrated information systems in closed organizations. For example, they can be defense departments, banks, organizations with innovation activities (when you would like to exclude any information losses), and so on. System Synchronizer will work with any kinds of data transportation. You can deliver the synchronization messages even in a sealed briefcase or flash memory. In this way, System Synchronizer enables exclude the need of any external connection through Internet but staying the distributed systems being synchronized.

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