Software Development - Information Datastores and Portals

Finecosoft Company proposes software development for building the information datastores and portals. We create such the systems from scratch or develop the legacy systems which should be adapted to current business conditions.

Internet and Web-technologies give great capabilities in creating the information datastores and defining the effective access to them. The large volumes of information of different kinds can be displayed in a single Web-browser without additional software installation. In this way, the datastores can be realized based on different RDBMS solutions (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc.). Those datastores can be parts of different solutions with different functional capabilities and technical standards.

Software Development - Information Datastores and Portals

Here, portal is a unified form for accessing the data. And the additional services are coming in together such as searching the data, changing the information, organizing the relations and references, sorting features, metadata management, and so on.

The diverse portal components are developed and can be used by developers. For example, they are Content Management, Application Integration, Business Intelligence Applications, Collaboration, Personalization, Search, User Management and Security, etc.

Content Management is designed for data creation and data management, for sorting and indexing the data, displaying the data as documents, images, tables, video, and others. As well, content management component lets creating new data based on the unified procedures and forms. It also adds the versioning capability to the data.

Application Integration serves for management by adapters accessing to the data from diverse sources and external corporation systems.

Business Intelligence Applications displays the data in different suitable formats. It strongly simplifies the data interpretation with a purpose of effective business management.

Collaboration defines full access of users to the data. It is one of the most valuable modules of a portal solution. Collaboration helps in organizing the distributed data access practices, discussions, initiatives management, etc.

Personalization is presented in different forms. It can be both single user identification by name, and complex identification using a profile such as data filtration, setting the priorities for information, custom tuning the graphic user interface (GUI), etc.

Search simplifies accessing the really needed information. There is no matter, where the data are from, what the sources are used, and how the data is presented in datastore.

User Management and Security is designed for distributing the data access in accordance to assigned roles.

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