Finecosoft's business services

The main Finecosoft's services are:

  • Custom software development, when we will build the necessary software solution and provide business automation with the maximum business values for you, high level of quality, optimal time and minimal customer’s expenses.
  • IT-Consulting, when our experts will help you in implementing the software development best practices based on the existing standards such as Agile or formal approaches (like to IBM Rational Unified Process Practices, and others), and deploy the automation tools for organizing high effective software development processes.
  • IT-Training, when we will train your IT-specialists with both standard training programs and specialized ones developed in accordance to your requests. Training can be provided both in Training Center "Institutio" and in the customer's office.
  • IT-support, when we will help you in building and deployment of IT-infrastructure components, hardware and software, and provide high quality support and preventive checks to ensure the operational functioning of those components.

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The educational center
Training and certification center in the information technology area (IT).

A wide range of courses and training programs. More details here.

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