Finecosoft company delivers to the market such software solutions as:

  • Payment processing, which will enable build your own payment processing center and monitor payments for any services of company. Here you can get even a cheaper option when you set simple terminals without having to deploy a server, each of which replaces expensive cashiers and able to accept payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • System Synchronizer is universal adjustable system that allows you to synchronize data amongst virtually any information systems. Those can be both standard software solutions delivered to market by known vendors and homegrown systems which are the results of the internal software development.
  • Information system of automated testing (ISAT), which being a universal multimedia Web-tool is enable to automate the remote learning processes, certification processes and testing in a variety of forms.

Any of the listed solutions can be modified during the separate software development projects based on the needs of customers.

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