Integration of IBM Rational Team Concert & Atlassian JIRA

RTC/JIRA Synchronizer is based on System Synchronizer solution. It's able to provide reliable synchronization of the data in real time between IBM Rational Team Concert and Atlassian JIRA. Any changes in one system, which were earlier defined as a set of synchronization rules will be reflected in the linked system.

RTC/JIRA Synchronizer is a simple adaptation of System Synchronizer. This adaptation doesn't support extending the number of synchronized systems but enables deploy the least number of modules for providing bi-directional synchronization. RTC/JIRA Synchronizer includes next modules:

  1. RTC Direct Synchronizer - a special extension within Rational Team Concert designed for creating the synchro messages after updating the work items of any types in any project area.
  2. RTC Back Synchronizer - either a stand-alone application, or an application deployed to application server (Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere Application Server), the main purpose of which is looking for incoming synchro messages from JIRA, converting them in accordance to defined synchronization rules and sending the information about changes to Rational Team Concert (OSLC API is used).
  3. JIRA Direct Synchronizer - a single listener in JIRA, whose work is similar to RTC Direct Synchronizer, but this module is deployed in JIRA. It's designed also for creation of the synchronization messages after changing JIRA issues by users or external systems.
  4. JIRA Back Synchronizer - either a stand-alone application, or an application for an application server (Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere Application Server), which looks for synchro messages from Rational Team Concert, transforms them into necessary format and sends them into JIRA (JIRA REST API is used).

It must be mentioned that different scenarios of work for RTC/JIRA Synchronizer can be defined. Those scenarios can be set up in the modules configurations that enables flexible adaptation of RTC/JIRA Synchronizer into business environment of customer.

For getting acquainted with next demonstrations you need to install Adobe Flash support in your Web-browser.

1. Automatic creation of a JIRA issue based on creation of a defect in Rational Team Concert in accordance to a set of pre-defined rules:2. Updating fields of a defect in Rational Team Concert based on changes in fields of a linked JIRA issue:
3. Updating state of a defect in Rational Team Concert based on changes in state of a linked JIRA issue:

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