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Software development - document management systems The most of the companies operates with a lot of different documents. The documents can be both letters from the company's divisions and single persons. The letters can be incoming or outgoing. They can exist as a lot of internal documents in the company. All these documents can be delivered in different manners: as the post ones, faxes or Email messages. To automate those tremendous document flows, we propose to develop document management solution (document management information system). The system allows managing the document states at any time and performing the predefined actions with these documents.

The document management system which we can develop includes the next capabilities:

  • Processing the incoming documents from other organizations and private persons
  • Registration of all documents and establishing their workflow control
  • Preparation and registration of outgoing documents
  • Registration and monitoring of the bosses and managers orders
  • Creating and tracing any internal documents in a company
  • Control over the meeting results and protocols
  • Accessing the company's regalements and formal reports
  • Operating the different document types and setting up the custom workflows
  • User management for access to documents in accordance to predefined roles and security policies

Application of the document management systems in business gives a lot of advantages and allows to:

  • Reduce time expenses in processing the documents
  • Provide agile approaches accessing the documents
  • Provide transparent registration activities for documents
  • Setup most appropriate document workflows depending on different document types
  • Control and monitor the document states
  • Accumulate the statistics data for any documents and document groups
  • Get full information about any document at any time
  • Adapt document management under company's structure in multiple divisions with any complex hierarchy
  • Minimize routine and paper document management expenses

The document management enables getting the most high business value in the large organizations with big number of divisions and employees.

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