Our Advantages

Key to success

Why could you take us as partners for building software solutions? That's why - because we are able to give:

  • High quality of products
  • Optimal timing in projects
  • Low worth of our products and services

High quality of products is a result of standards being used such as:

  • Customer is always right
  • Stable development process that results in more efficiency of team collaboration and high control of activities for a single developer
  • Process automation that results in more transparency and higher maturity of our software development repeateable process
  • Active involving the customer's or partner's representatives for monitoring the software development projects
  • High qualified staff and professional employees with great skills and work experiences
  • A high degree of adaptability and willingness to reach an agreement with customer and adapt our products for any specific business

For example, our employees own the professional certificates in all software development areas:

  • Software development process and project management
  • Requirements management
  • Change & configuration management
  • Implementation
  • Testing

We are targeted not only to perform a single project but reach full customer satisfaction, high evaluation level of our work and continue collaboration with any customer!

Optimal timing in projects is a result of stable process, efficient project management and agile redistributing our employees over the projects if the time is one of the most valuable factors for our customers.

Low worth of our products and services is based on our orientation to perform any project in the most effective way. We are always oriented to realize all customer requests and satisfy all customer needs during the projects.

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