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Our company operates in market since 1992. Initially we were called «Multimax» but we changed it to «Finecosoft» in 2007 because became partners of Fineco Group.

Finecosoft is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in head. He is responsible for top managing processes, Human Resources (HR) policies and administrative control. Nowadays the staff of Finecosoft is about 15 stable employees. As well we actively use remote employees in Russia, engaging them to required positions. Although not all and not always our specialists should visit the offices each day but permanently control their activities due to stable development process and used automation tools. In result of Russian business specific features when many companies fix their budgets to the end of a calendar year, the real number of Finecosoft employees usually rises to the end of every year and often reaches to 50 people.

Finecosoft is dynamically growing company during many years. First our projects were performed based on such technologies as Pascal, C, Clipper, Fortran. But currently we actively use Java, SOA, Spring, Web Services development, etc. It results in fact that we can create complex information systems for enterprises, large companies, both national and private organizations, expanding our customers list.

We are able to provide projects using a lot of technologies. But our key technologies are  Java, J2EE, SOA, Web Services, Enterprise Service Bus (ESP) , Spring, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Eclipse RCP) and Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), Swing and Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), etc. We build both thin client Java applications and distributed Web and portal systems, mainly using such solutions as GlassFish, JBoss, and IBM Websphere.

Main our activities are:

  • Software development by request, when we can create necessary information system and business automation with maximal customer satisfaction, getting high quality of products and in the shortest time
  • Software development of In-Box solutions, where we propose Information System of Automated Testing (ISAT), Timecard and RTC Email Reader.
  • Consulting, when our specialists will help you to deploy and setup world best practices for business automation and organization of the development processes in your company
  • Training, when we provide training for your employees in different IT areas based on standard training programs or specific ones developed based on your requests
  • IT-support, when we will help you to effectively choose, deploy and setup software and hardware resources and consult your specialists in the best ways of the resources usage

For software development we use Agile process based on Scrum and XP Programming methods. They help to provide our projects with high level of quality, in a predictable manner, with low level of expenses and sell our solutions in lower prices than similar products.

Our work is based on the latest technologies and high level professionals living and working both in Russia and Europe.

One of our powerful business areas is Training Center «Institutio» where we work together with our partner Russian New University (RusNUN). Due to this partnership, we can provide training with the active professionals, practicing in real software development projects, and in well-equipped classes.

We provide training bot in Russia and in other countries. Appling specific training programs, we can attract a lot of customers for training.

More information about us you can find here:

  • Why We, where we show why just we are the best for you choice
  • Customers, where the list of our biggest customers is placed
  • Projects, where the list of our most valuable projects performed in different years is placed
  • Partners, where all our partners which we work together with are described

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