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Finecosoft company delivers a software processing solution to market. The solution can be adapted for your business for use in the most effective way. You can order either a powerful distributed solution including server part or separate ATM points operating independently.

The solution with server part includes both software deployed to a separate server and ATM software deployed to each payment terminal. Usually, it's a more expensive way for deployment of a payment processing system but it's more effective if you need control a lot of terminals. You can monitor them in real-time, get all information about failures, the data about hackers' attacks and attempts of burglary, control the terminals remotely, update either groups of terminals or single ones, provide remote maintenance of payment terminals without visiting them, etc.

As well, you must deploy server part if you need send payment documents to third firms, for example to mobile operators, Internet providers, housing and communal services providers, and so on.

Server software is free if you purchase at least one license of ATM software.

ATM software can be deployed to any number of terminals. Terminals are independent of each other, and they can also operate separately without a server installation. You can either purchase payment terminals from suppliers of hardware and next buy our ATM software for each purchased terminal. As well, you can order completed terminals with installed ATM software in Finecosoft company, and we will guarantee the ATM software compatibility with delivered devices.

You can purchase ATM software in base price and set this software up yourself or order these works from us.

Please, take a look to price list for Payment Processing:

ServiceService Type
LimitsCommentsPrice, USA $


ATM software (base price)


Per one payment terminal

ATM software must be purchased and installed to each payment terminal.

Discount depending on the number of together purchased terminals:

from 5 terminals - 1%

from 10 terminals - 3%

from 20 terminals - 5%

from 50 terminals - 10%

from 100 terminals - 30%

from 500 terminals - 50%



Processing Server


Per one server

Free if you purchase at least one license of ATM software.





1 year, per one payment terminal

It includes fixing the defects, access to all updates, analyzing the logs and diverse consultations for users.

10% from base price

4Setup custom list of payment servicesExtended1 list up to 50 services

We can build a profile (special configuration file in XML format) with custom payment services. The same profile can be used for any number of payment terminals.

50% from base price
5Setup custom GUI theme of ATM softwareExtended1 single themeWe can build ATM software windows and controls in accordance to the design project from Customer. We can setup colors and gradients, background images, custom placing the controls, and so on.150% from base price
6Develop GUI design of ATM softwareExtended-It can be done in the separate design project and additional development in case of need.By request
7Support of additional devicesExtended-

We can develop capabilities for usage of additional devices in ATM software if they are absent in the list of supported devices. They can be unsupported currently bill validators, fiscal registrators, printers, card readers, watchdog timers, barcode scanners, bill dispensers, coin acceptors, etc.

By request
8Custom development of new features by Customer's requestExtended-We can realize any use cases which you need for your own business.By request
9Delivering payment terminals with pre-installed ATM software.Extended-We can prepare payment terminal from scratch, set the devices within and guarantee the compability with devices.By request
10Cloud access to Processing ServerExtended-In this case, you don't need purchase separate server hardware. We can deploy Processing in our hardware resources and ensure its reliable work.By request

You can order the software solutions in accordance to our contacts or using feedback form

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