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Nowadays, any company uses computers and IT equipment. Usually, the company's employees are great experts in some professional areas but not always experts in others. And sometimes, any IT equipment can get failures. Often, it happens when you need to send an important email, print a necessary document, get an urgent info from Internet or remove harmful viruses.

In accordance to mention above, you can cope with the problems with the help of high quality IT infrastructure maintenance and support services. Here, you can choose one of two general ways: engage new full-time or partial-time employees or use the services from a company doing that during years. The disadvantages of the first way are big expenses because you need to have an IT department and spent a lot of money to support it. Plus, you can't be sure that they will be usefully loaded all the working time.

Another way sounded above presumes making money expenses only for defined service during some period of time. In this case, a certified specialist who works long time at this area will work for you and bring great business value to you.

We do have specialists with rich experience and great skills in IT areas such as:

  • Setup, post-installation activities, diagnostics and repair of computer hardware
  • Analysis of current IT infrastructure (AS IS) and its optimization (TO BE), making recommendations when purchasing computer hardware
  • Setup, post-installation activities, maintenance, support and consulting in software (OS and Office's software for Windows and UNIX)
  • Deployment and support of Windows and Unix servers and platforms
  • Linux and Open Office maintenance and support
  • Building and maintenance of computer network, including setup and support of network equipment (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, Wi-Fi devices and so on), Internet connecting
  • Antivirus defense, data security, data restoration and backup management

Our leading standards are the high quality of services, quick feedback to customers and full availability all the time. We provide English speaking services.

In addition, we can propose to you:

  • IT infrastructure planning
  • Current IT infrastructure analysis and building the recommendations about infrastructure enhancements
  • Providing licenses policies and their optimization
  • Optimization of expenses with Open Source software
  • Antivirus and antispam policies
  • Data security strategies
  • Building the global space based on a number of remote offices

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