Fineco Group

Fineco Group

Main Finecosoft partners are all companies of Fineco Group. Fineco Group works in the areas of juridical services, audit and consulting since 1996.

Fineco Group is an excellent business partner. This company has a great experience that helps to solve any complex and hardest tasks. Only in Moscow (Russian Federation) office, about 40 high qualified employees work.

Fineco Group includes next list of companies (except Finecosoft):

Diverse areas and closely collaborating group of high qualified professionals contribute to providing the complex services for customers, developing and realizing the optimal business solutions and schemas.

The group owns the offices in Italy (Ancona), China (Guangzhou), and Ukraine (Kyiv). It contributes to providing the services in other countries. There are a number of corporations amongst the customers of Fineco Group.

The clients of Fineco Group are large and middle insurance, trade, manufacturing, building both Russian and international companies. The business success of the group depends on the business success of customers. Therefore, the main strategic goals of Fineco Group are to contribute at all to business development of a single customer.

Russian New University (RusNUN)

Russian New University (RusNUN)

Russian New University is a typical educational university. It contains the faculties: information systems and computer technologies, humanitarian technologies and foreign languages, business in tourism, financial, economic and juridical sciences, psychology and pedagogics and so on. The levels of training are College, Baccalaureate, Master's Degree Program, graduate school, second high education, remote education, postgraduate courses and short training. The students will get the diplomas of the national forms.

Based on partnership with RusNUN, we formed Training Center "Institutio" which provides specific IT training. Here, Finecosoft Company gives experienced and practicing IT professionals for providing training in accordance to programs of Training Center Catalogue and RusNUN provides organizational activities, hardware and software (prepared training classes, computer equipment, dinner room, etc.).

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The educational center
Training and certification center in the information technology area (IT).

A wide range of courses and training programs. More details here.

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