E-commerce Systems (Internet Shops)

The electronic commerce (e-commerce, ecommerce or e-comm) is an important reality of our life. Nowadays, some people can easily get the necessary things due to e-commerce, and others can organize the beneficial business based on that.

Software Development - E-commerce Systems (Internet Shops)

The foundation of e-commerce is usually e-commerce system (Internet shop or remote selling system). The system refers to the buying and selling of products or services the Internet and other computer networks. The e-commerce system can be looking differently and containing diverse capabilities. But eventually, the main features of e-commerce systems are:

  • Sellers can make business selling things, services, information, and so on
  • Buyers can get everything they need in a suitable and optimal way

In result of mentioned above, selling company is to adequately choose the developers who will create the e-commerce solution. And may be, the development company will support the system during all the life cycle to provide the reliable defectless work of the system in long time period.

Typical e-commerce system has to provide next general capabilities:

  1. Displaying all the information about products and services
  2. Multilanguage support
  3. Processing online payments
  4. Providing the commercial heap and building orders both single and complex
  5. News engine
  6. Users registration
  7. Application of different themes for operative design management
  8. Orders status control and notifications (Email, SMS, and so on) support
  9. Multiple price lists and currencies support
  10. Providing statistics engine
  11. "Thing" application access with multi support of different Web-browsers

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